Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No worries, this teacher is still alive!'s been a while since I posted, sorry about that.  It seems that when you have a child and become pregnant with your second, you have very little energy to do much else other than to work, eat, and sleep.  And to those of you out there that can do it all, I salute you.  I, however, can not! :)

In honor of baby number two, I did an array activity with them.  Pictures can be found on my facebook page.  The kiddos really seemed to enjoy this activity.

I really enjoy seeing newbies join TpT and I like to help them out when I can.  Here is a gal that is just starting off.  Show her some love!

As for my classroom, I have really come to adore the second graders.  I have found though, that they have more peer conflicts versus third graders.  Is this true for other second grade students?

A few other questions...

1.  If you use Daily Five in your classroom, what does it look like?

2.  Do you use Daily Five math?  If so, what kind of centers do you have?

3.  How is spelling and vocabulary taught in your classroom?

Thanks for reading!