Thursday, May 9, 2013

Picking Your Brain

At the beginning of each unit, I typically begin with the exercise "Picking Your Brain".  The students usually chuckle when they hear me utter those words, hehe.  This week during one of these sessions, they were talking in their groups about what they thought the word liter meant, and how it's used in every day life.  I wanted to share one of the responses with you because it simply brought a smile to my face during a highly stressful week.

This is an explanation from one of the students to the other:

"Yes, the word liter (which he pronounced, litter) is something that describes a bunch of puppies that were born.  The mother of the "liter" tells her babies that they are all in one "liter".  Sometimes there can be 4-5 puppies born at one time.  That must hurt the mommy, but she doesn't care.  Oh, and it could also mean trash on the grass near a road.  We shouldn't liter."

hehe (the teacher had to chuckle to herself...)

I knew from that moment that this young boy was going to learn something new today.

Teaching.  What a blessing.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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